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REVIEW: Life of Pi 3D

REVIEW: Life of Pi 3D

Life is a journey. Through the mind, the heart, the soul and the roads we walk. Movement and actions decide our fates, and those fates define each person. Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma) is no different. 

Pi, a young boy learning about life and love in India must leave his home. His father has decided that they must leave there land and take the Zoo animals they have cared for. On a freighter, the family gets ready for their new lives in Canada. Unfortunately, fate and the gods of weather have other plans.

As the ship rises to the crashing of thunder and massive waves, Pi heads to the deck to view a deafening storm. And as he enjoys the shudder of the boat and the fierceness of weather, he is suddenly struck frigid when the alarm bells siren.

Seeing the boat giving up its fight, Pi heads below in an attempt to save his family. Only to be swept away to a life boat. And while the danger is still present, it is raised to a new level when a Bengal Tiger, a Zebra and a Jackal board his no longer safe vessel.
With no where to escape and little space to share, Pi must figure out how to survive and take control before he's too weak to fend off an ever present Grim Reaper.
This movie is much more than the trailers you've seen. It has more heart, laughter and wonder than movies with miles more space than the deck of a life raft. If you are looking for a movie that will raise thoughts and questions, then perhaps Life of Pi should be added to your schedule.

Grade: A-

Rating: PG

Movie Trailer - Life of Pi 3D

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